Something Like This (Dean/Cas - NC-17)
glee, uriel
Title: Something Like This
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: None
Warning: Porn?
Word Count: 2885
Summary: PWP sequel to Missing the Point
A/N: Sorry for being That Guy. (As always I don't have a beta, tell me if I made any horrendous mistakes.)

AO3 Link, should you wish it.
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Art: Spirited Away AU
glee, uriel
Rather late art for discreetmath's Spirited Away AU for dc_everafter

Art!Collapse )

The second picture is forthcoming.

Untitled (Dean/Cas - NC-17)
glee, uriel
Title: None.
Spoilers: None, AU.
Warnings: Dub-con, rough sex, implied bondage, dirty talk, D/s vibes.
Word Count2722
Summary: For this prompt at the kink meme. "Cas gets really touchy-feely when drunk and personal space is the first thing to go out the window (even more so than usual). Dean gets Cas drunk on purpose knowing this. Cas knows full well what Dean is trying to do and plays along with his naive, innocent role but on the inside he enjoys acting like a whore for Dean."
Disclaimer: Seriously?
A/N: Sometimes I write questionable porn.

Cas knows exactly how the evening's going to end up.Collapse )

Clint Eastwood and the Bad Sex Curse (Dean/Cas -R - Everlasting Birthday Challenge)
glee, uriel
Title:Clint Eastwood and the Bad Sex Curse
Rating: R
Spoilers: None
Warnings: Semi-graphic sex times
Word count: 6272
Summary:In which there is a sex curse no one talks about and everyone feels awkward.
Fic for ghostyouknow27's Everlasting Birthday Challenge prompt.
Disclaimer: Lol, nope.

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I Broke Apart My Insides, I've Got No Soul to Sell - Art
glee, uriel
Story: I Broke Apart My Insides, I've Got No Soul To Sell
By:  twisting_vine_x
Pairing: Dean/Cas
Warnings: Bondage, nudity, implied future knife!play.

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Some Velvet Morning (Dean/Castiel)
glee, uriel
Title:Some Velvet Morning
Spoilers:Castiel exists.
Warnings:FLUFF, mentions of sex
Word count:999
Summary:Sometimes, Dean just wants the afternoon off.
Disclaimer:You're cute.
Author's Note:I like song title titles that sort of work but not completely.

It’s one of those hazy, sunny afternoons where Dean’s decided the apocalypse can wait for a few hours. Collapse )

Missing the Point (Dean/Cas - Hard R)
glee, uriel
Title: Missing the Point
Rating: Hard R
Spoilers: through 6.18
Warnings: There is alcohol consumed in this story.
Word Count: 1894
Summary: In which Cas is evasive, Dean doesn't get it, until maybe he does, and Balthazar wasn't wrong.
Disclaimer: Ahahaha, as if.
Author's Note: So I wrote this right after the episode aired...  Also I don't have a beta.
Sequel: Something Like This

Dean wakes up to Castiel nudging at his shoulder at four in the morning. He’s not particularly pleased about the situation so he grunts a sleepy, “What?” and doesn’t feel remotely guilty.Collapse )

Castiel Rising Art Post
glee, uriel
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For phate_phoenix and their Big Bang Castiel Rising.

Alternatively images can be viewed here.

Big Bang Art Masterpost
glee, uriel
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